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To be included in the websites which Advice Search accesses, websites have to meet the following criteria.

Section A - website provider

  • The website must be provided by one of the following:
    1. Organisation (or members thereof) represented on Quality Task Force
      1. NACAB
      2. DIAL UK
      3. FIAC
      4. ASA
      5. Law Society
      6. Bar Council
      7. National Consumer Council
      8. Consumers' Association
      9. Commission for Racial Equality
      10. Department of Trade and Industry
      11. Home Office
      12. Law Centres Federation
      13. Legal Action Group
      14. Legal Services Commission
      15. Local Government Association
      16. London Boroughs Grants
      17. National Lottery Charities Board
      18. Shelter
      19. Youth Access
    2. Quality Marked Provider
    3. Government Department, agency, NDPB or other public body
    4. Local Government
    5. Ombudsman schemes and regulators which are either statute-based or members of the British and Irish Ombudsman Association
    6. Arbitration organisations and expert determination schemes where the arbitrators/experts are legally qualified or hold a professional qualification in their field.
    7. Community mediation schemes accredited by Mediation UK
    8. Commercial mediation schemes accredited by either the ADR Group, CEDR or the Academy of Experts
    9. Registered charity
    10. Registered company
    11. An organisation with an accountable management structure (justify this assessment)
  • The organisation responsible for the website must be prominently displayed.

Section B - political parties

  • The website must not be provided by a political party, or an offshoot of a political party

Section C - financial charges

  • If there is a financial charge for any of the services provided via the website, then:
    • the charges must be clear
    • the charges must be set out before the chargeable services can be accessed
    • there must be clear procedures for cancelling and continuing the process that incurs a charge

Section D - complaints/feedback

  • Each website must have one of the following:
    • A feedback facility
    • A complaints facility
    • Contact details (i.e. address, telephone number, e-mail) for the responsible organisation

Section E - relevance

  • The information provided on the website must be up-dated regularly
  • The territorial extent of the website must be clear (i.e. the information/advice applies to England and Wales)
  • The target audience of the website must be clear (e.g. the information only applies to residents of Luton; only applies to benefits-recipients)
  • The information/advice provided via the website must fall, at least partly, within the scope of the CLS as defined by s. 4(2) of the Access to Justice Act.
    1. the provision of general information about the law and legal system and the availability of legal services,
    2. the provision of help by the giving of advice as to how the law applies in particular circumstances,
    3. the provision of help in preventing, or settling or otherwise resolving, disputes about legal rights and duties,
    4. the provision of help in enforcing decisions by which such disputes are resolved, and
    5. the provision of help in relation to legal proceedings not relating to disputes.
  • The information/advice must fall within at least one of the following areas of law:
    1. Benefits
    2. Communications and Media
    3. Consumer Affairs
    4. Education and Training
    5. Employment
    6. Environment and Countryside
    7. Families
    8. Government, Law and Rights
    9. Health and Social Care
    10. Housing and Homelessness
    11. Immigration and Nationality
    12. Leisure, Transport and Travel
    13. Money and Tax
    14. Police and Crime
  • The website must provide substantive information/advice of use to the general public.

If your website meets these criteria, please e-mail us and we will assess the site for inclusion.

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Last updated on 27 September 2016



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