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When you search for legal advice by topic, the results contain content from every area of the site, including a selection of the best advice websites in the UK.

The topics you can search are listed below:

Includes information about people's entitlement to all kinds of welfare benefits. Benefits are listed according to the life event or type of claimant involved.

Communications and Media
Information about different methods of communication; infringement or abuse of copyright; and problems relating to any aspect of mass media.

Consumer Affairs
Includes information relating to all types of contracts and transactions involving consumers. Use for advice about making a claim when a product does not do what the seller or maker claimed for it.

Education and Training
Includes information about all aspects of children’s and young people’s educational years and particularly about legal problems relating to the education service, including failure to provide education; methods of state funding of education; and education for those with particular needs. Also covers continuing education and training for adult learners.

Includes information on legal problems relating to events at the workplace, such as unfair dismissal or problems with terms and conditions of employment.

Environment and Countryside
Includes information relating to the protection of the environment and access to, and use of, the countryside.

Includes information on all family issues, including what to do if you want your children to live with you following divorce; what you can do about domestic violence; and how to deal with your child being taken into local authority care or being put up for adoption.

Government, Law and Rights
Includes information about public law rights, including judicial review actions which are available where it is considered the government has acted incorrectly or unfairly. Use also for new rights granted under the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act 1998 and for access to the law where court or other action is needed.

Health and Social Care
Includes information about patients' rights in the National Health Service.  Also includes information about medical negligence; particular diseases and disorders; and access to social care services

Housing and Homelessness
Includes information on legal problems connected with buying or selling your house; and problems with rented accommodation including illegal eviction, harassment, and rent and mortgage arrears. Use also for help with homelessness problems and disputes with neighbours.

Immigration and Nationality
Includes information about when you need permission to enter and stay in Britain; the requirements for immigrant status;  seeking asylum; the position of refugees; naturalisation; and help to which immigrants are entitled when they have cleared entry procedures.

Leisure, Transport and Travel
Includes information about the legal aspects of leisure-time activities, including indoor and outdoor sports and other recreational and cultural pastimes. Use for the legal aspects of using public and private transport and the rights of road users. Use also for problems with holidays.

Money and Tax
Includes information about legal problems relating to taxation including self-assessment for income tax; exemptions from capital gains tax; inheritance tax limits; payment of stamp duty when buying a house; and rates of, and liability to, council tax and value-added tax. Use also for legal aspects of investment and savings problems, pensions and insurance.

Police and Crime
Includes information about legal problems relating to help with criminal proceedings, including criminal investigations; arrest and detention at the police station and subsequent prosecutions; and police powers in relation to the individual. Use also for information about particular crimes and prisoners' rights.

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