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National organisations and helplines

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The first question which you are asked to complete in the Directory is whether you want to find the closest provider or whether you want to find national organisations.

What are ‘national’ organisations?

National organisations provide services that cover the whole of England or Wales or both. The services offered vary and may include an advice, information or telephone advice service. The services are typically provided through one central contact point eg. a national telephone helpline number or through a central office. National organisations which do not offer advice, are not open to the public or are by referral only, are not included in the Directory.

What about telephone services?

Telephone services exist across the country and cover a number of areas of law. You can use the ‘national organisations’ search to find national helplines.

Some helplines are provided by local agencies in addition to their face-to-face service. These will be displayed if you search for the closest provider.

Providers which do not offer a face-to-face service but provide a telephone service for a particular area or region can be found by doing a search for a Quality-Marked telephone service. Note: this option is not available from the front page of the Directory.

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Last updated on 6 June 2016
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