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CLS Legal Advisor Directory Help

This page provides help on using the CLS Directory of legal information and advice providers.  

Question 1 - To find the closest provider... OR find national organisations  

Decide whether you want to find a provider close to you or a national provider. If you want your closest provider, enter either a postcode or a town name. You don't need to enter the full postcode or worry about spaces or capital letters; for example, you could enter LE1 3BT, le1 3bt, LE1 or le1.


By entering your full postcode you are more likely to find providers that are close to you.
You now have the option to select the distance. If you set this at the smallest distance (5 miles) and do not find any suitable organisations, you may wish to widen the search area and try again.  

Question 2 - Looking for a particular organisation?  

If you already know the name of a specific provider, type in the name in the box provided. You may wish to narrow your search by also entering a postcode or town for question 1, or by indicating that it is a national organisation.  


If you are having trouble finding the organisation you want, try using fewer letters. For example, instead of searching for "White", try searching for "wh", which might bring up similar sounding names which are spelled differently (for example, "Whyte").  

Question 3 - In which category of law do you require help?  

From the drop-down list, you can now choose the category of law that covers your query. See Categories of Law for a full description.

If you are not sure which category to choose, select 'All Categories'. This will return all providers in your chosen area.  

Question 4 - What level of service do you need?  

This question asks you to choose the level of service you want: information, general help or specialist help. Providers are quality-marked at these levels by the Legal Services Commission. See Community Legal Service Quality Mark for a full explanation.  

Tip   Categories of law do not apply to information points - if you want an information point do not select a category of law.  

Question 5 - Do you want an LSC-funded ("legal aid") provider?  

This question asks you whether you want a provider who will do work that is funded by the Legal Services Commission (this used to be called "legal aid"). The results are displayed according to the amount of LSC-funded work the provider can do. Providers near the top of the list can offer basic advice, represent you at some tribunals, and act in court proceedings, while providers lower down the list are likely to be funded only to act in court proceedings.  


There are other providers in the CLS Legal Adviser Directory who can provide low-cost or free help. You can find these by leaving this box blank and checking the 'Charging' section of each provider's details. As a general rule, most solicitors will charge for their services but may offer a free period of consultation. Others may have a fixed-fee interview, but you should also enquire about their conditional fee arrangements. Note: Being an LSC-funded provider does not guarantee that they can provide legal-aided help for your problem. You will need to ask the provider whether they will be able to help on this basis.  

Any more requirements? (questions 6 - 10)  

Generally, you may feel you have specified enough when you have answered the first five questions. If so, click on the 'search' button. However, you may want to specify some further requirements. You may want to go to an office where someone speaks a language other than English; you may require wheelchair access; or you may want to deal with an organisation that is experienced in working with a particular target group (for example, lone parents or students). If you do want to refine your choices in any of these ways, simply select the appropriate response. Note that the more questions you complete, the fewer results you are likely to get.  


Once you have answered the questions you will be given up to 50 providers to choose from. At the top of the list will be the nearest office that has met the Community Legal Service Quality Mark Standard. For national organisations, the list is alphabetical. By clicking on the name of any provider from the choices supplied, you can view the complete record for that provider.  

The accuracy of the advice provided by all organisations, companies or individuals mentioned on these pages or on other sites to which these pages are linked, including those awarded a CLS Quality Mark, is the responsibility of the particular organisation, company or individual. No responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of the Legal Services Commission for inaccurate or misleading advice provided by such companies, organisations or individuals.

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