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4 Renting and Letting

1. Introduction

This leaflet explains how to deal with problems you may have, and your legal rights, if you rent a flat, house or bedsit. If you are a private landlord, it explains your rights and duties to your tenants. The leaflet is divided into sections, depending on the type of tenancy.

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There is information on:

2. Private tenancies

3. Council tenancies

4. Housing association tenancies

5. Other issues

6. Problems with neighbours

7. Further Help

8. About this leaflet

In each section there is information on:

  • ending the tenancy, and eviction;
  • rent and rent increases;
  • responsibility for repairs; and
  • buying your rented home (for council and housing association tenants). 

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, you may from time to time have problems or disagreements about the property or the rent. This leaflet explains legal rights and responsibilities for both tenants and for private landlords.

The law for tenants and landlords is complicated, and your rights will depend on the type of tenancy agreement you have.

This leaflet is divided into sections, according to different types of landlord:

  • If you are a private tenant or a landlord, see ‘Private tenancies’,
  • If you are a council tenant, see 'Council tenancies'
  • If you are a housing association tenant (or you rent from a trust or co-operative), see Housing Association tenancies.

This leaflet is published by the Legal Services Commission (LSC). It was written in association with Shelter.

The leaflets are regularly updated but the law may have changed since they were printed so the information in them may be incorrect or out of date.

Leaflet version: November 2019

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