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8 Claiming Asylum

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1. Introduction

2. Who qualifies for asylum?

3. How do I apply for asylum?

4. What happens when I apply?

5. What can I live on while I am waiting?

6. What rights do I have while I'm waiting?

7. Where can I get help with my claim?

8. What will be the outcome of my claim?

9. What if my claim is refused?

10. What happens if my appeal fails?

Remember that most asylum applications in the UK are refused, though some are successful at appeal. If you are refused and you lose an appeal, you will be expected to leave the country, unless you are allowed to stay here for other reasons (for example, because you have family in the UK). The immigration authorities may try to remove you forcibly if you don't go voluntarily. If you do not co-operate with attempts to get travel documents for you, you may be prosecuted. Even if you are not prosecuted, you may be detained, possibly in prison.

Voluntary return
If things are getting better in your country, you may be able to get financial help to return there. Some people can also get money to help them resettle in their home country. There are different schemes, depending on where you come from and when you made your claim.  You should ask your legal adviser or one-stop service for information about these schemes.

11. Further help

12. About this leaflet

This leaflet was written in association with the Immigration Law Practitioners Association and Mick Chatwin, a barrister and solicitor specialising in immigration law.

Leaflet version: April 2019


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