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CLS Legal Information Leaflets

Information leaflets

CLS Direct provide a series of free leaflets that outline your legal rights in key areas of law.

These leaflets are all written by independent experts.  You can read or download them using the links below.

They are also available in English, Welsh, Braille and Audio using our order form.

Multikulti, one of our partners, has translated Equal Opportunities into Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Farsi, French, Gujarati, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish and Turkish.  Please click on the Equal Opportunities link below to find these leaflets

We welcome any feedback you have on the leaflets, for example, how you have used them and how useful you have found them.  Please complete the feedback form or email

1 Dealing with Debt

2 Employment - updated version available December '16

3 Divorce and Separation

4 Renting and Letting

5 Buying and Selling Property

6 Losing your Home

7 The Human Rights Act

8 Claiming Asylum

9 Welfare benefits

10 Wills and Probate

11 Dealing with the Police - updated version available September 16

12 No-win, No-fee Actions

13 Problems with Goods and Services

14 Medical Accidents

15 Equal Opportunities

16 Racial Discrimination

17 Personal Injury

18 Rights for Disabled People

19 Community care

20 Education

21 Immigration and Nationality

22 Mental Health

23 Alternatives to court

24 Family Mediation

25 Veterans

26 Domestic Violence, Abuse and Harassment

27 Living Together and Your Rights if You Separate

28 Dealing with Someone Else's Affairs

29 Care Proceedings

30 Neighbourhood and Community Disputes

31 Changing Your Name - Updated version available October 16

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