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CLS Telephone Information Messages

The Community Legal Service has produced a series of short information messages that you can hear by calling the National Telephone Advice Line on 0845 345 4 345. These messages provide basic information on how to deal with a range of common problems. The messages cover Debt, Welfare Benefits, Housing, Employment and Education, and are available through the advice line 24 hours a day.

You can access a written version of the messages by clicking on the link below.

Welfare Benefits


1   What are the powers of bailiffs and debt collectors?

2   My creditors keep calling me. What can I do?

3   What is involved in going bankrupt?

4   I have received a County Court Claim form. What do I do now?

5   How can I deal with my Council Tax arrears?

6   What are my rights in a hire purchase or conditional sale agreement?

7   Problems getting credit?

Welfare Benefits

8   I do not agree with the decision on my benefit claim. What do I do next?

9   My benefit has been overpaid. What do I do?

10   Who is entitled to Pension Credits?

11   Who is entitled to tax credits?

12   I'm returning to work. Do all my benefits stop?

13   I'm having problems with housing benefit.

14   What benefits are available for people with disabilities?


15   My child is being excluded from school. What are our rights?

16   My child has difficulty learning and may need more support in school. How do I ask for this?

17   My child is being treated unfairly at school because of their disability. What can I do?

18   I can't get my child into the school I want. What can I do?

19   My child is truanting. What are my responsibilities and rights?

20   My child is being bullied and I don't feel the school has taken enough action to prevent it. What can I do?

21   I am having difficulties with my university. What can I do?


22   My employer is deducting money from my wages - what are my rights?

23 My employer is breaching the terms of my contract. What can I do?

24 I'm being made redundant and I don't think it is fair. What can I do?

25   What should I get as a redundancy payment?

26   I'm being made redundant and my employer owes me holiday pay. What can I do?

27   What rights to people have under the Disability Discrimination Act?

28 I'm being paid less than minimum wage. What can I do? (This message is being updated)


29   I am in arrears with my rent.  What are my rights?

30   I'm being evicted because of rent arrears. What can I do?

31   I'm being evicted because of mortgage arrears. What can I do?

32   I am Homeless. What can I do?

33   My landlord won't return my damage deposit. What are my rights?

34   My house is part of a council stock transfer.  How does this affect me?

35   What is anti-social behaviour, and what can be done about it?


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Last updated on 21 October 2016
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